Two concert festival 
Etudes – An Ode to Boundless Imagination

​An ode to boundless imagination. A two concert festival with dazzling virtuosity. Nathalia Milstein and our Artist in Residence Antonii Baryshevskyi play two solo recitals with etudes. Composers have been writing concert etudes since Chopin. They challenge pianists to transcend the limitations of their 10 fingers and the 88 keys of their instrument. But composers have also used etudes to explore new worlds of sound and expression. A sunset should be able to rise from a grand piano. Nathalia Milstein present a recital around Rachmaninov’s Etudes-Tableaux, opus 39, in which he transformed paintings into sound poems. Antonii Baryshevskyi begins with Chopin and Liszt and takes us through Debussy, Bartók and Ligeti to our own time, in which composers still write etudes to push boundaries.