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​Classical NOW! wants to bring extra colour and vitality into the classical music scene of The Hague and presents concerts, music theatre and small festivals. The concerts of Classical NOW! attract attention, not only in The Hague but nationwide as well. Previous concerts were broadcasted by NPO Radio 4.

​Classical music without boundaries

Non  mainstream repertoire

The musicians can perform repertoire outside the mainstream. They are able to play pieces they have chosen which they feel an affinity with, and perform with extra passion and zeal. That results in inspiring  concerts. Familiar masterpieces are heard in new contexts. Both novices and seasoned concertgoers discover exciting new repertoire. Of course, new music is also part of our programme. 

Musicians with a free spirit
Classical NOW! invites musicians who perform with communicative power, who allow themselves to be inspired by the moment. They find the spirit of the music between and behind the notes, and play with artistic imagination. 

Pop-up concerts
Concerts are often scheduled many months, sometimes years, in advance. Classical NOW! wants to bring more spontaneity to The Hague’s classical music scene and therefore presents pop-up concerts: concerts with full programmes, which we organise at short notice. This enables us to respond to current events and allows musicians to quickly work out new plans when inspiration is still fresh. 

Combinations with other art forms
We enrich the concert experience with film, theatre and literature if it brings an added value.

Encounters in an informal ambiance
Classical NOW ! gives every location an informal ambiance and removes the barriers to attend concerts. The musicians introduce their pieces. Afterwards, musicians and concertgoers can meet and chat. 

Concertgoers as co-creators
Concertgoers, as sponsors, can together with Classical NOW! set up concerts that fit within our artistic framework. 

A stage for musicians and ensembles from The Hague
Classical NOW ! invites musicians and ensembles from The Hague and wants to strengthen the local ensemble culture. Many musicians from The Hague – with national and international success – rarely perform in their hometown. We will change this and contribute to a vibrant musical life in The Hague.

Classical NOW!

Email Address

Postal Address
Stichting Classical NOW
Arnhemsestraat 62
2587 SW The Hague 

Frans van der Leeuw (chairman)
Irene van Geest (secretary)
Gerda Boender (treasurer)
Jan van Huizen (member) 

​Artistic Director
Dimitri van der Werf
+31(06) 4935 2616

​Committee of Recommendation
Rudolf Jansen (pianist)
Ruud van der Meer (singer)
Ed Spanjaard (conductor)
Floris Visser (opera director)
Prof. dr. Emile Wennekes 
(​Professor of Musicology, University of Utrecht)

Stichting Classical NOW has been designated by the tax authorities as a cultural ANBI.

​Legal Address
Stichting Classical NOW
Kalvermarkt 8H
2511 CB The Hague

Chamber of Commerce
VAT number
​Bank account number
NL14 RABO 0315 7545 91

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