​​​Friday, 19 May 2023, 20:15
The Hague: Paleiskerk

The People United

Music for Change

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Tickets:  € 10 – € 27,50

New European Ensemble
Hanna Shybayeva piano
Konstantyn Napolov percussion
Maya Fridman cello


Maxim Kolomiiets
Reflections of Emptiness for percussion and piano 
world premiere
Victoria Vita Poleva
Shades for percussion, viola and piano
world premiere
Evgeny Kissin
Cello Sonata
Dutch premiere
Oxana Omelchuk
Nocturne for ensemble and electronics
Kanstantsin Yaskou
​​Ludus Mobilis, new version for nine musicians
world premiere

​Maya Fridman organises benefit concerts for Ukraine through her own Trida Foundation. Hanna Shybayeva is active in the organisation Music for Belarus, which supports political prisoners and their families. They will give a talk about their organisations after the performance.

​One universal language

​Music can inspire change and promote unity. Driven by this motivation, Hanna Shybayeva, Maya Fridman and Konstantyn Napolov enjoy performing together. They moved to the Netherlands from Minsk, Moscow and Odessa respectively. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has turned their lives upside down, but they are determined to show that music can bridge differences, because musicians share a common language.

Together with the New European Ensemble from The Hague, the three musicians present a world premiere programme. The programme includes brand new works by Maxim Kolomiiets and Victoria Poleva, two leading Ukrainian composers. Maya Fridman presents the Dutch premiere of Evgeny Kissin’s Cello Sonata. ​The world-famous Russian pianist ​actively speaks out against the war, ​not only in words but also in his compositions.

Oxana Emelchuk and Kanstantin Yaskou fled from Belarus. ​Yaskou was considered a figurehead of new music in his homeland. He continues to compose in exile. The New European Ensemble performs the world premiere of Ludus Mobilis in a new version for nine musicians.