A portrait of the Ukrainian composer Maxim Shalygin
​Saturday 18 February 2023, 16:00
The Hague: Filmhuis Den Haag

​Around Maxim Shalygin

Raising Waves


​Raising Waves (2023), premiere of a film portrait about Maxim Shalygin

​Directed by Anastasiia Suprun-Zhyvodrova
Ukraine, 2023
99 min
Ukrainian, Russian, English spoken

A film portrait

​In collaboration with Filmhuis Den Haag, we are premiering the film portrait Raising Waves. Ukrainian filmmaker Anastasii Suprun-Zhyvodrova and her team followed Maxim Shalygin to Dniprodzerzhynsk, where he grew up in a giant flat. To overcome the depressing window view, he created for himself a world of his own that he wanted to translate into music. He went to study composition in Kyiv and became captivated by the music of Louis Andriessen. This encouraged him to continue his studies in The Hague. He continued to live there and became one of the most outstanding composers in our country.  

The film crew followed Maxim Shalygin in The Hague, at festival Dag in de Branding, during the premiere of Severade for 9 cellos. They also visited with him the Kunstmuseum, where he often finds inspiration, and his home, where he composes. A colourful portrait. He discusses his views on music and composing in depth with musicologist Stanislav Nevmerzytskyi. 

​“Creativity is an unconscious act of insanity, in a burst of which the truth is born. No matter how beautiful or disgusting it may seem to people far from madness, its value is beyond doubt, both for the author and for those able to sense its invisible beauty. After all, gratitude for endless trials and suffering brings joy and blissful emptiness …” 

Maxim Shalygin