​NPO Radio 4 presents two concerts from our festival Around Messiaen

​20 March 2022 – ​NPO Radio 4 has broadcasted two concerts of our festival Around Messiaen in their programme Avondconcert. In the Paleiskerk the microphones were set up for Alfonso Gómez. The Spanish pianist came over from Freiburg to play Messiaen’s Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus. He made a big impression with his lucid vision of this monumental cycle and with his colourful and deeply concentrated playing: it took several minutes before the applause erupted after the final notes. It can be heard in the live recording, in which the Fazioli grand piano that we rent for our concerts shines.

beluister vingt regards

​The final concert from our festival was also broadasted. Bert den Hertog performed Messiaen’s two-hour cycle Livre du Saint-Sacrement on the organ of the Elandstraat Kerk. The organ, a perfect instrument for Messiaen’s music, was heard for the first time on Radio 4. In his impressive recital, Bert den Hertog confirmed that he has become one of the best Messiaen interpreters in the Netherlands.

beluister livre