​Saturday 20 May 2023, 20:30
The Hague: Paleiskerk

The People United

​Songs of the Heart: A Celebration of Uyghur Music and Spirit

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Tickets:  € 10 – € 27,50

Ensemble Mäshräp


​Traditional Uyghur music

​Sophisticated, captivating, and complex

​Uyghur traditional music, revered for its sophistication, captivating allure, and complexity, occupies a prominent place on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage. Tracing its origins to the second century in present-day Xinjiang, China, this rich musical tradition shares similarities with Turkish classical music – a connection that echoes the linguistic ties between Uyghur and Turkish. However, this ancient tradition is now under threat of extinction and can only be performed publicly outside of China.

Six Uyghur immigrants in the Netherlands have united to form the ensemble Mäshräp, offering heartfelt renditions of classical songs that explore themes of friendship, homesickness, and love. A unique feature of Uyghur music is the fusion of poignant lyrics with dynamic, rhythmically-driven melodies. The musicians expertly wield thirteen different traditional instruments, while the vocalists demonstrate proficiency in various vocal techniques. Together, they deliver an enchanting and unforgettable experience.