​Thursday 30 March 2023, 20:15
The Hague: Haags Pianohuis (Noordeinde 64)

gaia: our holy planet


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Tickets:  € 10 – € 20

Tobias Borsboom piano


​Vítězslav Novák

Pan, a symphonic poem for piano

The universe embraced

​​​In Pan, an hour-long tone poem for piano, Czech composer Vítězslav Novák aimed to merge human emotions and sublime landscapes. He envisioned Pan as not only the forest god of the same name but also as the cosmos in its entirety, seeking to embrace the forest, mountains, sea, and even the universe in rapturous music.

Novák’s ambitious plan succeeded due to his clear-headed approach, which enabled him to exploit nearly all the piano’s sonic capabilities. This generous music transports us back to Prague circa 1910. Pianist Tobias Borsboom has complete faith in every note of Novák’s music, and witnessing him fully immersed in the piece is an unforgettable experience.

“Borsboom's colourful, nuanced and balanced plea made a deep impression (Journal De pianist on Borsboom in Pan).”

​This studio concert takes place at the newly established Haags Pianohuis. The intimate, completed small hall boasts an exquisite Steinway concert grand piano. Enjoy drinks in the foyer after the concert. Please be aware that renovations are still ongoing around the entrance area.

​Tobias Borsboom in de pers

​“​​​Jonge durfal Tobias Borsboom verdient volle zalen met prachtige Pan.”
Het Parool

“Een weergaloze Tobias Borsboom riep als meestervertellers eigen de ware spanning op.”

​“Hij speelt met grote bevalligheid, de nodige dramatiek en een juweel van een toucher”