​​Classical NOW! steps in as co-organiser Concert for Peace at Concertgebouw

​6 March 2022 – ​Classical NOW! was co-organiser of the Concert for Peace, which took place at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on 6 March. The concert raised over 100,000 euros for Giro 555's Ukraine relief fund. The peace concert was an intiative of pianist Anna Fedorova, percussionist Konstantyn Napolov - both from Ukraine - and Russian cellist Maya Fridman. The musicians live in the Netherlands and wanted a concert to speak out against the violence of war and for peace. 

Classical NOW! assisted in designing the programme, consultations with the musicians, and production and marketing. We collaborated with the Concertgebouw, Interartists, 24Classics, Vanderholst Arts Management and De Vries Artists. ​We made the decision to go ahead with the concert just eight days before it was due to take place. The tickets were sold out within 36 hours.  

The musicians managed to persuade prominent musicians to step in without a fee, including Liza Ferschtman, Rosanna Phlippens, Diana Tishchenko, Maxim Shalygin (as conductor), Composer of the Fatherland Martin Fondse, Maryana Golovchenko, Dana Zemtsov, Borys Fedorov, Jonathan Biss, Nino Gvetadze and a chamber orchestra with musicians from the Concertgebouw Orchestra. The prominent role for new music was striking. ​Works by Maxim Shalygin, Christiaan Richter, Martin Fondse, Peteris Vasks, Borys Fedorov, Valentin Silvestrov and Svyatoslav Lunyov were performed. The concert was broadcast live on Radio 4 and on NPO 2 Extra.