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“We sat in the auditorium afterwards, stunned ... struggling to tear ourselves away from the enchanting, almost hallucinatory atmosphere ... this is total theatre at the highest level!”

Emmy Verhey

Sunday 22 August 2021, 21:30

The Hague: Paleiskerk (full moon)

Pierrot lunaire 2.01

Ekaterina Levental mezzosoprano

Ensemble Nomad tape

Chris Koolmees director



Arnold Schönberg
Pierrot Lunaire

A production by LEKS Compagnie

Pierrot Lunaire 2.01

“An impressive tour de force ... a cool mezzo, perfect diction and strong presence.” The NRC put four stars above the jubilant review of La Voix Humaine en Quarantaine with Ekaterina Levental, the performance we presented together with OPERA2DAY and LEKS Compagnie in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. Pierrot Lunaire 2.01 is no less impressive music theatre in an interactive video installation. To be seen after sunset at full moon. The best possible moment for Arnold Schönberg’s Pierrot Lunaire.

Over a century ago, Schönberg set the symbolist poems about the moonstruck clown Pierrot to music with hallucinatory new sounds. Fellow composers such as Puccini and Debussy were amazed by the magical sound scape in the piece. Mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Levental and theatre-maker Chris Koolmees turn
Pierrot Lunaire into a solo performance in an interactive film installation. As a magician Pierrot controls the projected images with her movements.

Pierrot Lunaire 2.01 is a unique solo performance, combining romantic 19th-century poetry, modern 20th-century music and cutting edge video techniques.

Pierrot Lunaire is considered a turning point in the development of modern music in the 20th century. This classic continues to fascinate through its ambivalence: between speech and song, comedy and tragedy, irony and hysteria, mystery and banality, tradition and avant-garde, romance and enlightenment. Despite the rich complexity, in Pierrot Lunaire you experience the world of cabaret. The piece is a prototype for contemporary performance art.

The NRC about La Voix Humaine

In July 2020 Classical NOW! presented La Voix Humaine en quarantaine together with OPERA2DAY and LEKS Compagnie. One of the first post-lockdown performances in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. The NRC has put four stars above the review.
“The diptych is an impressive tour de force by mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Levental, who carries the performance alone... Director Chris Koolmees aptly updated the telephone conversation to a Facetime call with a bad network, which makes the woman’s frustrations all too palpable. We see Levental’s expressive face enlarged on the screen, sometimes hysterically tormented, sometimes lifted by vain hope. These extremes carry the performance, and what a touching voice and face Levental gives to them with her gifted mezzo, perfect diction and strong presence.”

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