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“You who were bestowed on this heart

by the hand of love,

you who were taken from my breast! With this flood of tears I greet you!

I kiss you!”


Uit Schubert’s ‘Sei mir gegrüsst’


Thur 25 November 2021, 20:15

The hague: Paleiskerk

goodbye Gagliano!

Joseph Puglia violin

Ellen Corver piano



Claude Debussy
Violin sonata in g minor, L. 140

Klaas de Vries

Terug … opnieuw beginnen

Franz Schubert
Phantasy for violin and piano in C major, D. 934

Order tickets : € 10,00 – € 27,50

Joseph Puglia:
“These are the final concerts on my Gagliano violin which I’ve been playing on for 9 years.  I am taking the opportunity to say goodbye, but also to begin a search for my next violin: my next musical voice.  In my search I'll be documenting and sharing the process, taking composers and audience on board who are going to help me reflect on what I find along the way.  Please join me to say goodbye to my old violin and learn more about the next phase of my musical life!”

Palace of mirrors

The violinist Joseph Puglia – together with his regular duo partner Ellen Corver – is coming to the Paleiskerk to bid farewell to his Italian Gagliano violin, on which he plays his last concerts, after many years of having it on loan. He compiled a programme with three retrospective farewell pieces.


In 1916 Debussy composed his Violin Sonata, which would become his swan song. In this masterpiece he pays tribute to the French baroque masters, that he admired so much. Klaas de Vries also looks back in Spiegelpaleis (Palace of Mirrors): to the music of Schubert. He wrote Spiegelpaleis for the same ensemble as Schubert’s Octet, with an extra piano. One of the most striking parts is Terug ... weer beginnen (back … starting all over again) for violin and piano, in which the violinist plays on his empty g-string for minutes on end and the pianist uses alternating chords to have that one note change colours. A fascinating effect.


Joseph Puglia and Ellen Corver play Schubert's overwhelmingly virtuoso Fantasy in C major, in which Schubert has incorporated a wonderful series of variations on his farewell song Sei mir gegrüsst. You who were snatched from me, I greet you is one of the strophes.

The Hague: Paleiskerk

Joseph Puglia speelt ‘Roads to Everywhere’ van Joey Roukens.

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